Janaganit Programme

Initiated by EBCD Math Collective.

We are a collective of organizations and individuals who believe that ‘EveryBody Can DO Math (EBCDmath).

The COVID crisis has also created an education crisis. Online, virtual, education cannot replace actual, real education. During COVID lockdowns most children are losing out academically. Their right to education is being denied. Can the online and virtual platforms be utilised to promote real, actual learning? 

There is a wealth of learning materials, ideas and problems in the everyday real world around the child. All children may not have laptops. But everybody has a powerful and versatile necktop. The Janaganit math programme aims at unleashing necktop power by providing high-quality inputs including virtual guidance for doing “hands on self study” at home or elsewhere. 

Janaganit is not a programme of online teaching. It is a programme of self study. Mathematics is learned not by watching a screen and listening to a lecture, but by  ‘doing and understanding’. By solving problems and making structures with everyday materials in a thoughtfully designed graded sequence.

Between September 2020 and April 2021, it is aimed to cover the key concepts of math curriculum for classes 6,7, and 8  in around 30 one hour sessions for each class, with one session every week. The programme is available free of charge on  youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account of EBCDmath collective . Problem sets and self assessments will be sent to those who register at the following link :

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